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About 17vin.net

17vin.net is a professional auto parts B2B platform, the first famous platform that only serves manufacturing-type enterprises of auto parts all around the world. Based on the professional information and data of auto parts, 17vin.net is supplying specialized online information service and e-commerce service for manufacturing-type enterprises of auto parts.

17vin.net always adheres to the principle “Information Service Industrialized, Networking Service Socialized”. Relying on Chinese Auto Parts Industry, we have been seeking to provide tightly integrated online and offline business information for local manufacturing-type enterprises with perfectly functional personalized service through business information, marketing, assisted trading, financial service and other related disciplines.

Starting with serving manufacturing-type enterprises of auto parts, 17vin.net is the link of buyers and manufacturers as well as domestic and global auto parts market. Currently, our service includes:
1.Supplying high quality and effective purchasing sources for manufacturers;
2.Supplying promptly and exact domestic and global auto parts market information for manufacturers;
3.Powerful supplying、purchasing、cooperation information posting and query platform;
4.Supplying the most complete ranges in China, the most convenient searching and the most commercially valuable business information;
5.The largest database of manufacturing-type enterprises in China;
6.The product information database with the most detailed catalogs and information in auto parts industry. The best platform for your business activities of auto parts.

17vin.net has a strong background in auto parts industry and powerful technical force. The various elements have been greatly integrated. We emphasis on cooperation with the major auto parts related exhibitions, in order to achieve the purpose of creating wealth with information.

17vin.net has always been making auto parts manufacturing enterprise demand as working center. Heading for the perspectives and interests of enterprises, we provide various kinds of services from the network planning, project promotion, results monitoring and user analysis and others. We are dedicated to make the most convenience of enterprises, provide solutions and continue to meet customers’ diversity, individuality and composite needs in order to help enterprise network applications succeed.

17vin.net sincerely welcomes all walks of life together to explore new network business; we also hope to work with you to promote the development of domestic auto parts industry jointly.